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Do you remember the first time you fell in love?

Do you like intriguing Christian novels with multi-cultural characters? If so, then you should read my three-book romance series! Each novel is only 99 cents!

I'm glad you stopped by, and I hope you'll find some inspiring novels on the author websites that I've provided in the links below! You can also join my mailing list so that I can keep you in the loop about future updates!

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The following links are the websites for some African-American Christian fiction authors. Although I have read some of these authors, I haven't had the opportunity to read ALL of them! So, this is just my disclaimer - I can't vouch for the contents for all of the books that these authors have written. If you want to know my opinion about the African-American Christian titles that I have read, then see this link for my book reviews for AA Christian fiction titles! PRINT THIS LIST AND TAKE IT WITH YOU TO THE BOOKSTORE!

Cecelia Dowdy - this is the link to my website

Below, are a few links for some of my interviews:

***Cecelia Dowdy signing at the Mall Of America!

Interview with Cecelia Dowdy

Interview with Cecelia Dowdy - Written Voices

Here are the links for some African-American Christian authors:

Cecelia DowdyTerri J. HaynesVictoria Christopher MurrayMichelle StimpsonAisha FordAngela BensonJaquelin ThomasTawnia Ramirez

David M. Humphrey, Sr. Sharon Ewell FosterTia McCollorsVanessa Davis GriggsYolonda Tonette Sanders

Annetta P. LeeStacy Hawkins AdamsMichelle McKinney HammondTiffany L. WarrenLinda Beed

Marilynn GriffithMata ElliottKimberly Cash TateVanessa MillerJoanna BradfordLeslie SherrodDenise Michelle Harris

Mimi JeffersonBrittney HolmesSherryle Kiser JacksonMichelle LarksMonique MillerPat Simmons

Hank StewartAshea GoldsonNikita Lynnette NicholsLinda Hudson-SmithShelly Leanne

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